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Window Shelf to Keep Your Thingies Collection in a Smart Way

As we may have learned that western homes are well known for their full ornaments as well as modern yet chic furniture. Ones that become the vocal points of such houses are fireplace, paintings and elaborated window treatment. Some people who love to collect furniture and ornaments might find it warm, snug and homey. However, those, who like to keep their collections in display while keeping the house simple and neat, might like to check out the mixed idea between western and minimalist interior design which focusing on the window treatment. The idea is basically making use of the minimal space in a smart way to hold all the thingies collection together.

Instead of buying cupboard shelf which might take quite space in the house to keep all the framed family photos or other collections we bought during trips overseas, we can always utilize a little space at the window by placing a shelf along the lower window pane. This is such a brilliant idea as we can arrange our beloved collections including books or potted plants in a balanced look by taking not more than 30 cm space in width along the window line. Some might like to build wider shelf to hold more things to display. Well, it’s a matter of taste in particular. By doing so, we can save the space that would have been needed to place the big fat cupboard shelf to minimize the crowdedness in the house.

Having our collections and house ornaments displayed on the window shelf is not only enjoyable to see from inside the house, but also a feast for the eyes of people on the other side of the house who admire our proud collections through the glass window. Plus, we will be surprised by how nice and unique our house will look like from the outside. If we are concerned about the safety of the house and prefer not to let people see the rest of the house through the window, putting a curtain with rail in front of the shelf might be the answer, so then we can always switch side part of the house that is allowed to be seen while still enjoying the collections display.
For an advanced design, we can always choose where to put the shelf on the window and how many level of shelf we would like to have. Say, if we need to use the space right in front of the window, then putting the shelf a little bit higher on the window would be a good choice. Some even simply love to arrange the shelves into few layers for a decoration to give a unique effect, as it’s all depending on what works better based on the window size and its basic design in general. As long as it doesn’t block the sunlight into the house or undermine the other basic functions of the window itself, having window shelves can do a great favor for your house interior, especially for those who love minimalism but do not like to see their precious collections spread all over the places.

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