Livaza Interior Article - Unusual Simplicity

Unusual Simplicity

Home is a place where we need to be able to relax and cool down after a long day being overworked at the office. Thus, it is highly recommended to create such a place where you can fully enjoy yourself and be who you are when you are dwelling in it. This time we bring up the idea on the combination of simplicity design and your artistic taste into your home living, which we can find in the Danish house design. This design is inspired from the houses originated in Denmark, as one of the Scandinavian countries. The basic idea of the spaciousness, brightness and minimalism are becoming the core of this design. However, the unmistakably interesting architecture by Danish designer succeeded to attract people’s attention to admire the unusual shape that frames up the beauty of the simplicity itself. One of the remarkably famous architecture building that we could see is the Opera House.

Livaza Interior Article - Unusual Simplicity
Unique Asymmetric Lines

Without eliminating the basic Scandinavian touch which gives the open space, large windows and strong lines, Danish house has more effort on artistic furniture and its complex architecture design. Of course, we are not trying to build a replica of the magic opera house into our home design here. However, some artistic architecture plans to draw people’s awareness in admiring the unusual shape of Danish house design is definitely possible. One of the common type we can find of the Danish houses is how they use combined and gabled volume to create the basic form of the complex. From the outside, it might look like a group of houses in children house drawings which are attached one to another. In the inside view, instead of placing a flat ceiling under the roof, letting the unique roof shape as it is will surprisingly bring a nice effect on the interior shape. Plus, it could give you a room to develop and express your art skill in arranging your furnitures to bring the beauty out of it. A simplicity in a house design does not necessarily mean a boring square box where we put all our furniture in, as an asymmetric lines sometimes brings an astonishing effect that you could imagine.

Livaza Interior Article - Unusual Simplicity

The panton chairs

As mentioned earlier, Danish house style also focuses on the unique and artistic furniture that creates a stunning contrast look against the strong lines of the basic architecture design. The first thing you might notice the most is the existence of the panton chairs in the house. Instead of the straight-lines chairs, the unusual shape that the panton chairs have never fails to decorate the rigidness of the minimalism interior.

If you find yourself often admire a unique shape of bookshelf, desks, couches, or even some artworks, then it is the right time to hunt for it. However, you might need to pay attention to the total balance of the interior design by not crowding up the room with too many of them, as it might build an unwanted heavy look which eventually shuts down the basic soul of the simplicity design.

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