Solusi Furniture Untuk Rumah Idaman Solusi Furniture Untuk Rumah Idaman

Property Agent Awards yang diadakan oleh Rumah123 dan diselenggarakan pada 25 Agustus lalu di Exodus Dining, Kuningan City Mall berlangsung sukses ditandai dengan hadirnya ratusan agen properti terbaik yang dimiliki oleh Rumah123. Rumah123 menggandeng, Marketplace Furniture No.1 di Indonesia sebagai official partner. ikut... Read More

3 Dekorasi Rumah Unik Ala Kemerdekaan

Perayaan Hari Kemerdekaan bisa dilakukan dengan banyak cara. Selain memasang bendera di pagar rumah dan berpartisipasi dalam rangkaian kegiatan 17an di komplek rumah, Anda juga bisa menghadirkan semangat kemerdekaan di dalam rumah. Tak perlu pusing, Anda cukup memadupadankan warna merah putih sebagai pedoman untuk dekorasi... Read More

Furniture Hacks for Small House

For the urbanists, every inch counts! Designing a tiny apartment can be a life-challenging experience especially when all the huge set of furniture doesn’t seem to fit in the spots. The more décor you put, the smaller your house looks. It seems to get harder…

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Bathroom Design for Your Personality

Bathroom is one of the spaces at home that most people rarely give attention to. Just because it’s a ‘clean’ room; that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to it. It’s where grooming activities take place every single day and after the hectic…

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All About That Pillow

Looking for ideas for your room to stop it from being so boring? You can always repaint your wall or change the wallpapers but it takes a lot of time and effort. One effortless way to brighten up your room is colourful cushion. Adding some…

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Contemporary House Design

Deciding what basic design for our home living can be quite tricky, especially if we admire the modern minimalist style yet yearn for a warm and lively home to spend your spare time with family and friends. Indeed, a modern home design mostly leads to…

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Living in The City Center Apartment

It is a staple of the modern day city living professional; the apartment. Across the world, there are millions of people living high in the sky, in a total area that is often smaller than singular rooms found in ground level housing. Living in these…

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8 Ideas for Easter Decoration

You have done the fasting, and you have given up for lent so now it’s the time to prepare for the party! Easter marks the beginning of new season, and also the egg hunting for the kids. Easter decoration should be easier and cheaper than…

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How to Maximize Your Storage

In the modern world, as urban sprawl oozes out across the countryside, one thing becomes abundantly clear; we live in a small planet with finite space and that space is quickly running out. The same story can often be true of the modern day household….

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Colors Never Fail Us

Moving out from our parents’ big and cozy house to a small apartment can be quite a challenge, especially when we find that all the space for the whole living room, dining room and kitchen in our new apartment is nothing bigger than our parents’…

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