Whether it’s backyard or front yard, stone is now a trendy part of furniture décor that a home owner mustn’t leave behind.

For your outdoor space, these inspirational tips will transform your patios, pathways, and garden into a beautiful place to unwind!

Stepping stone path

If plastered flooring is not your thing, this natural stones arrangement is a beautiful element for any landscape makeover. Stepping stone pathway with pebbles on the surrounding creates neat look for your front yard.

Rock Garden

Plants have their own dramatic appeal. To complement the natural beauties, you can place rock garden to embody the overall space. It also helps to create a tidy garden as there is no soil visible. Put different color pebbles surround your flowers and trees; place a few pots and add a stone-chair to make a lovely place to hang out at noon.

Concrete pavements

If you prefer a polished look, use this large-cutting stones. The geometric stone-tiles creates a symmetrical look that’s visually pleasing to the eyes. Combine stones with woods and natural plants to create a beautifully tucked pathway.

The pebble wall

Stone walls bring you back to nature. Whilst some home owners prefer to add stone walls inside their homes, why not bring out the design for outdoor setting? This pebble wall is a unique focal point for your space. It has an eye-catching texture and is also a great way to hide washed out wall paint, don’t you think?


Accentuate with boulders

Boulders are those typical stones great for accents. Place medium sized boulders next to the pathway to create a striking focal point in your space. With a bed of flower, boulders can group your plants without having to build borders.

Stylish patio from gravels

When buying your furniture and home décor, make sure you don’t forget to find colourful stones with various shapes and sizes to create a stream of lovely patio flooring. This gorgeous patio offers a lush of greeneries and comfortable seating area with concrete stepping.

Stone top table

Since the 21st century interior design tends to stuff us with futuristic and minimalist approach, the idea of using back-to-nature theme in our home gives us the refreshing retreat without ever going anywhere. Placing top table from stone is an artful way to have a backyard as your dining hub.


Garden pond

Garden pond fits for those who love to spend most of their time outdoor. The sound of flowing water and the lush green garden definitely boost a relaxing mood. Design a nature-like pond with furniture that offers a genuine serenity as you combine wooden panels, rocks and pebbles alongside the blossoming flowers.


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