LIVAZA Interior Article - Spending Time on Living Room

Spending Time on Living Room

The Heart of Every Home: What Makes a Great Living Room

They say behind every great man, is an even greater woman. Well, behind a great home is a truly great living room. It is the heart of the home, the place where all the family can get together and relax in fun and comfort.

The amount of time you spend in your living room, especially with your family, can say a lot about you as a family and a person. This is why making the most of your living room is essential to make sure that your home is a happy home. Here are some tips and ideas to getting the most out of it.

First of all, what is the most important thing in a great living room, besides a TV? That would be the sofa, when choosing a sofa, it is essential to consider the use and the size to suit your needs and space. Then consider the age of your children, if they are young toddlers then cream as a cover wouldn’t be the best plan, a nice well aging leather is easier to clean and much more firm.

Next, decide if your sofa is going to be the crowning jewel of your living room or a member of the supporting class. If the former is true, the larger and rounder gives a much more commanding presence to the chair. This allows it to take its rightful place as the centre of attention as well as lending itself to seat more people. Something like this hearty sofa allows all the family members sit comfortably together, either to watch TV or conversing to each other.

After the sofa, you need to make a statement that your living belongs to your family. So many people do this by displaying any number of photos; displaying them not only as a family, but also individually. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, there are other ways to display this, while also showing off your pride in your family achievements.

One idea is to display your children’s achievements. The younger they are, the more they are prone to times of creation, so why not show off their astounding work in a framed picture on the wall; if they are still artistically inclined as they grow older, you can continue the theme.

Finally, give yourself a reason to spend time in the living room that shall not be the TV. Back in the old days, before TV and game consoles, people played board games. This is something which is often lost in the modern family, as the generation gap often renders the parents useless at playing video games. Bringing back a family board game night is a fantastic way to use your space and also spend important time with the family. To do this a coffee table is an essential heart piece to the living room; not only is an excellent source of storage, but it allows for something for you all to gather round, both to talk and to play around.

It’s important to match the style of your table to the rest of the furniture to create a common theme through your room. If you have a rounded couch, try to find something similar to your table, like this here.

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