Livaza Artikel Interior - Scandinavian Home

Scandinavian Home

For those of you who who adore simplicity and like to keep everything functional, yet love to be close to nature, you might like to consider the Scandinavian design for your home living. Scandinavian house design is well known for its brightness and airiness, clean lines and neutral color tones. As the movement was brought by the European minimalist design decades ago, you may feel the minimalism soul in the Scandinavian design.

One thing you could spot at first glance of this house design is the large glass windows in almost every room. This allows the sunlight to go through the house as much as possible, as we know that the light is one of the factors that brings a comfy yet happy feeling. Other than that, the large window is also the basic idea of being part of the nature. If you are fond of gardening or simply like to keep things green around your house, it certainly gives you the benefit to enjoy the view of your flowery garden through the window glass while reading your favourite novel on your cozy couch. A splendid moment to spend your relaxing afternoon.

Even though this idea is originally adapted from the life of the north where people need to endure the dark cold winter with limited light, it doesn’t mean that it’s not applicable for houses in the tropical countries. By having an intense sunlight throughout the year, paying attention to which side of the house you should put the glass window might be helpful. Avoiding the west side is always a good idea to prevent the house from overheating. You might also like to consider to cover the window with sheer fabrics to reduce the heat while having some privacy at the same time in doing your personal activity inside the house without any problem in enjoying the outdoor view.

Scandinavian house design is mostly dominated by white or other pale colors as it has main purpose to maximize the natural light in the house. The authentic pale color you might find in this design, which differentiate it from the North American minimalist design, is the light blue color. However, it’s always possible to change it with other colors, depending on personal taste.You could also decorate your house with pale wooden color that might bring the warmness without eliminating the natural light in the house.

Apart from the lighting purpose, the pale colors also function to draw people’s interest to pay more attention to the unique architecture details as well as the furnitures. Having a textured wall, unusual shelf designs, and art painting or ornaments play a big role in the Scandinavian design. Despite the pale color domination, placing a few bold colors could surprisingly bring a good effect in your home interior. You could place one or two red pillows in your whitey living room as well as a deep blue ocean painting on the wall. An open, airy and clean lines Scandinavian home design doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no room for art and romanticism. As long as it doesn’t ruin the whole balance of the house color design, feel free to express yourself.

Livaza Artikel Interior - Scandinavian Home

Bold colors against the neutral colors

Livaza Artikel Interior - Scandinavian Home

Textured Wall

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