Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds

Dear couple, congratulations for your new life as the Mr and Mrs! As newlyweds, you deserve to have the best bedroom to celebrate. There is no other time to design your master bedroom like today and making them as your special romantic cave. Your bedroom should reflect both of your personalities and unique style as a couple. Besides, it has to inspire romance and intimacy.

Here are a few tips to decorate your bedroom:

1. Clean up!

There is nothing sexy at all about piles of clothing and stuff you have in your sanctuary. A bedroom is where you and your spouse rest from the busy day, relax and romance. A beautiful looking storage like this can hide your mess and boost your mood. This is good to keep your books, magazines, and even house bills to keep you in the mood.

2. Mix up!

The furniture in your bedroom doesn’t have to be all matching here and there. Buying a set matching bedroom set will lose the personal touch, and this can be boring. However, using similar color or texture can be an option. If you like the color blue, you can use a different shades of blue for your bedroom to make it suitable with your liking without having to make it monotone or boring.

As in styles, you might find your style in a different direction, you may like your antique dresser but your spouse may like the minimalistic and modern style. There is no need to argue on this, blend the two together and decide which style can be dominant in your room. This way, you can create a perfect room that truly represents both of you.

3. Lighten up!

Lighting can make a lot different in one room., In this case, it can make your room sexier. Arranging fairy lights to frame or bedroom or scattered them around the wall can create such a romantic ambience. Scented candles are another option to set the mood for love.

4. Highlight Your Bed

When you’re used to live in a rented space, and enjoying all the free things, you get things will get boring. Now, for the bed, invest some more in buying nice linens and purchase a few colorful pillows to bring a more joyful ambience. Make sure your bed looks inviting. If you only have a bed frame and no headboard, make one. You can easily hang a group of your wedding pictures or your favorite piece of art to fill your empty wall. Or, for the sake of being romantic, attach a canopy from the ceiling. All these are meant to make your bed as the star of the room and warm and welcoming for you two.

5. Put up something you love

To keep your romance and the romantic ambience stay, place fresh flower bouquets on the nightstands or purchase an attractive basket to keep love letters you have written each other or anniversary cards. Something small but meaningful like this can remind you of the love story you have and light up the romantic feeling you have for each other.

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