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Romanian Touch

Romanian art is internationally well known for its unique and originality regardless the movement of interference and domination by other arts from other countries. It’s categorized by its abstract or geometric designs and distinctive representations of animate creature. It’s manifested on wood carvings, brightly ornamented textile, skillfully woven carpets, pottery, etc, that we commonly find in traditional Romanian homes. For those who enjoy this type of art might want to consider to adopt it into their home interior design.

If we look inside a Romanian traditional home, the first thing that catch our eyes is its richness in colors. Not only the furnitures and the ornaments, floor and wall are also the subject of the magic color fusion. This is how our art skill is challenged since regardless our freedom in putting any colors we want, balance and art are still the main idea in this case. Some might like to blindly go with full colors mixture which gives a crowded yet uniquely warm feeling, while others like to keep some areas plain and only work on colors for the vocal point of the room. It’s always depending on personal preference.

The color richness and geometric or abstract design may give a crowdedness yet a warm and cozy feeling. Covering the floor with textured rug to complement a plain couch which is decorated with geometric-motif cushion would be an excellent combination to invite people to snuggle in the living room after a long and tiresome day. Meanwhile to boost up our energetic mood, we can play a little bit with the kitchen wall by placing colorful tiles which is in synch with other ornaments and collections that are displayed.The unique abstract and geometric design are not only used for rug and cushion cover as it’s very common to find a romanian ornaments or stichting hanging on the wall.

Despite its original style which looks more western and chic, Romanian decoration is also applicable for minimalist or contemporary home style. For a minimalist home, there is always a room for art display to soften the rigidness design. Placing a unique art stichting to complement the stillness and tidiness of the living room might bring some balance. A bright Romanian colorful cushion is also a good idea to shout out the touch of art among conformities of the room color design.

On the other hand, a contemporary home gives more room for a Romanian furniture and art. Placing some wood carvings in a free spot is always a good choice to draw people’s attention, or simply place a colorful rug at the entrance door to introduce the Romanian theme in our home to our guest. However, if you prefer not to use extra colors to your interior plan, furnitures with Romanian medieval carving is also worth trying.

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