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Pastel Color

After the long-term use of monotonous neutral shades in our home interior design, we might want to consider a little different color touch for the coming redecorating project. Beside the bold and strong colors that are capable to shout out their existence among the colors absence, using a mixed and matched pastel colors can surprisingly bring a fresh yet relaxing vibe into your home living.

Talking about pastel colors might automatically reminds us of the notorious shades used for nursery rooms which are dominated by soft blue for a baby boy or delicate pink for a baby girl. However, all shades in the rainbow colors are basically the base for our pastel decoration idea. Luckily, some electronic household appliances nowadays are also provided in pastels colors which help us lessen the heavy color in the interior decoration.

Interior Article Livaza Pastel Color

Bold color among pastels

Never hesitate to play with multiple pastel colors as the softness is unlikely to crowd up our living room with chaos mixed of strong colors. However, to give a little brave touch, popping up a bold color would also bring a surprisingly unique effect in our interior look. To tie the look together, make sure we use the same bold color on at least two features in the room for a stronger design impact.

Interior Article Livaza Pastel Color

Pairing white with pastels

If the mixed of pastels and white can create a fresh look, mixing pastels with bright colors will give an unexpected wow effect into your interior. One of nowadays popular design trends involves playing up pastel shades with doses of bright hues. For example, a pastel blue room below is intensified by bright orange or lime green. A grayer and greener shade can be found on the dining room chair which echoes the hue of the wall with a unique twist instead of repeating it.

Interior Article Livaza Pastel Color

Playing up pastels with bright hues.

Pastel colors flexibility also leads to its ability to blend with natural materials such as wood, rattan, seagrass and more in our interior. Lighter colored woods like oak, bamboo or light maple will complement the pastel decoration.

Many people think that pastel colors are associated with feminine taste, which is not true. Choosing some earthy color tones like grays or browns will give more masculine effect, added by solid, stripes or plaid textiles in the interior. We can even mix the pastel shades decoration with darker colors of tile floor or rug to bring a stronger masculine impact.

Interior Article Livaza Pastel Color

Pastels choice for masculine interior


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