Throughout the history of interior design as well as furniture prowess, Middle East influence has been a dominant force thanks to its colorful, vibrant charm. Fabric choices with rich patterns and burnt colors are the soul of Middle East interior, especially Middle-Eastern interior.

As an ode to the Aladdin-esque feel to your home decor and to get you excited to make it an actual choice for the next furniture shopping, find the heart of Middle Eastern convenience in the furniture store by sorting through this list.

1. Bean, leather chair

In a glance, it might look like your regular bean bags, except that it has volume and you can actually rest yourself without sinking like you do with bean bags. It’s not a lazy chair per se, but it’s definitely worth to be collected if you really want to achieve the Moroccan convenience. Pick colorful round, leather chairs and make sure it has the thin lines pattern that shape like the Mosque wall.

2. Full-patterned potteries

Potteries, especially the ones that have been polished in many colors and Middle Eastern patterns is a home décor for Moroccan convenience. You can simply put it on your living room table or on walls, especially to complement your kitchen furniture or even your bathroom interior. It gives an instant Middle Eastern vibe to your home décor like no other pieces.

3. Hardwood hallway tables

Moroccan houses usually are big houses with big hallways. With hard, marble, painted floor that glistens with the sunrays fall on top of it, the hardwood, big and heavy wooden tables and chairs are what complement the Moroccan houses’ hallways perfectly. It can be a wooden cabinet made of teak with intricate carvings and flower vase on top of it or another potteries work of art as an interior detailing.

4. Carved lanterns

Think of Arabic souk, and remember how pretty, spicy and full of nothing but colors it is. Add a little souk-ness to your interior by making these carved lanterns a part of your furniture shopping at the furniture store. You can also opt for the stained-glass ones, the lanterns with multiple colored-glasses patched together to create a colorful light from a single lamp. Hang these beauties in your bedroom, your dining room or even your guest bathroom to give the Middle East experience.

5. Floor lounge, multiple vibrant cushions

It is a must in every Moroccan house. A corner that’s dedicated solely for lounging, filled with cushy pillows that have this mesmerizing embroideries and hand-painted or hand-woven fabrics to cover them up with cushy mat underneath, also filled with the same persona is a gem in the house. This could even be an oasis at your house, if you’re into Moroccan style but you don’t want all the vibrancy to cover the whole interior. The furniture choices in this additional part of the home décor are also rather simple. You just need to invest on many beautiful cushion cover and polished, wooden bedside table.

6. Mosque dome-shaped hanging lamps

For your ceiling lamp in the living room, or practically any other room, a brass cone or cover that hides the beaming light inside is a Moroccan staple in your room. Usually, it may shape like the top of a Middle East mosque, where the domes are slimmer but still round and pointy on top. But many other times, it has a free shape while maintaining its pointy-ness and the air holes around it to project lights from inside to outside.

7. Rattan decorative pieces

As a finishing touch, add more rattan-made pieces around your Moroccan-inspired home décor. It can be a living room knee-height table, or a rattan tube that encases plants to hang on the walls around the house. You can also have a rattan storage that can function as storage as well as a Moroccan home décor.

What type of furniture do you think you must have if it were up to you to create some Moroccan taste at your home? Start thinking about your furniture choice and interior ideas for you Middle East convenience!