Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

Minimal Style Living Room

Nowdays, minimalist furniture and interior are on high demands. Different style of interior design often comes back to one simple point of minimalism. Everyone wants it quick, easy and yet still is spoiling your eyes at the same time and they tend to find it in a minimalist interior design.

It’s also the case with living room, the heart and soul of a house. With minimal style, there’s nothing more a family needs that will support and represent the time when the whole family are in a same room. The people should be the star of the living room. It is why minimal style living room is the solution.

A minimal style living room has its own characteristics and charms that over and over again have enticed many interior designs and here, repetition is not meaningless. Repeating what seems to be an eternal home décor, you need to make sure you have checked all these things to be in your minimal style living room.

Trifecta: the three perfection of color combination

Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

Please only pick three colors maximum to be infused in your furniture as well as you interior style. Black, white and grey; white, grey and navy; or even white, gold and salmon, keep them calm by only allowing three dominant colors.

If you go for pattern, make sure it is on a same page with the choice of the colors

Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

If you choose a tablecloth with chevron prints, or even a round cushion with other notable minimalist patterns like stripes or dots, you need to make sure it is a uniform color, otherwise there can be too much of a texture in one room, making it no longer minimalist.

Skeletal and skinny furniture should be an option

Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

To keep it minimal, a thin and tall silhouette of furniture should be your option. Think of a long, tall, bended floor lamp or an empty cube as a base of a coffee table. It helps framing the room in a simple, light mood, which is what the minimalist room is all about.

Layering as a texture will be needed

Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

On top of the sofa, put a covering in a form of cotton or even canvas fabric, just for the sake of interior layering. Of course, this option should also be in a same color spectrum. By adding layers on sofa, on the living room table as well as on the floor, we won’t get lost in the monochromatic tone or the recommended three colors-rule. Layering can also be done with some unexpected gems like flower vase on the table or corner Chinese vase, even a pot of plants. Pick a dark green plants and deep colored flowers to match the signature tones of minimalist interior.

Unfinished wooden flooring or non-cemented bricks

Minimalist Style Living Room - Livaza Article

Minimalist can have a sprinkle of rustic magic as well, simply by let the industrial mood seeps through by not finishing the supposedly finished parts of the room. Take the wall that is made out of bricks and directly paint the bricks with white or even black color. Other thoughts, you can also let the wooden floor in its original form, without any shiny coating on top of it so it has a slightly dusty look. This will strengthen the overall minimal style of the living room.

The rest will be up to your own standard of minimalism. You may add some Dadaism style painting to add quirks to your minimalist room or build a new magazine and DVD cabinet that accommodates your screen as well as your whatnots. The tendency of the furniture is free spirited but with simple interior design in a minimalist living room.

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