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Making Your Bedroom a Sleep Heaven

Often when people buy a house, one important thing to put into a consideration is how many the bedrooms are or how big the bedroom is. Bedroom is the star of the house because that is where you should be the most comfortable with yourself and a place to rest after the long hours and work in the day.

Now when it comes to sleeping, some people find it easy to sleep everywhere, but some others have their own preferences when it comes to sleeping. If you have been having trouble sleeping, it’s probably not your fault but your bedroom! Here are a few tips to turn your bedroom into a sleep heaven:

1. Buy a new mattress

Are you one of those people who use the same mattress since you’re 10? Maybe it’s time for a change. For an essential need like this, do spare some time to go around shops and try some mattress that you think is good for you and your partner. A great mattress should allow you to sink in a natural sleep without waking up with aches in the morning.

2. And a new bedding

The right bedding can make a great different to your sleep. Spend more for a silky, natural-fiber sheet in a soothing color. Plain sheets also bring calmer effects without hurt your eyes too much. Pillows, pillows and more pillows are always good to support your body. Don’t forget the teddy bear; it’s never good to sleep alone!

3. Pick the right color palette

Staying in a room with color that matches your personality will increase your comforts. Popular earthy color can be chosen for the guest rooms like white, crème, and light grey. For a bolder style to add the darkness, you can block the wall behind your bed with dark color such as navy blue or dark grey.

4. Get a side light

Some people think one light for one room is enough. However, a side light with a dimmer light will help you to get into the ‘sleep-mode’. Another option if you don’t have much room for a side light is by installing a dimmer to your light to suit the time of the day.

5.  Put your clock away

We tend to wake up at night for a quick loo or something, try to not look at the time when you do because knowing the time and realizing the need to wake up soon is enough to jolt you out of sleep and keep you out.

6. Sleep in the dark

The important thing about sleeping is not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep. It is known that sleeping in the dark is vital for our health. Study shows that sleeping in darkness helps produce melatonin, a powerful antioxidant hormone that is useful in preventing cancer and other diseases.

7. Let the sun lights in

Waking up to sun lights is as important as sleeping in the dark. Natural sun light is always better than waking up to annoying alarm. Try to place some windows to let the sun lights come in is a great way to reset your body clock. A simple exposure in the morning will increase your energy for the day.

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