Livaza Interior Article - Living in The City Center Apartment

Living in The City Center Apartment

It is a staple of the modern day city living professional; the apartment. Across the world, there are millions of people living high in the sky, in a total area that is often smaller than singular rooms found in ground level housing.

Living in these diminutive spaces is often a trade-off between; comfort, practicality and the easily forgotten style. However with the correct furniture, clever planning and a bit of imagination, you can have an apartment which is great to live in and looks good too on the other hand.

First of all, plan your layout before you buy your furniture. Before you’ve even thought about what furniture you want, make sure you know all of your dimensions to the last millimetre and make a properly scaled plan from which to reference. Then you simply find the furniture to fit your dimensions. This will make your life a lot easier in the long run, because you’ll always have this plan to refer to as you make every decision, and will also mean no more ridiculous shifting of furniture, because you’ll be able to put it straight into place.

As you decide on where to put your furniture, try to keep a sense of balance firmly in your mind. A stylish home isn’t just created from excellent furniture; but also the positioning and creation of harmony. You should always try to balance your furniture on the opposite side, either symmetrically; placing two large sofas opposite other, or asymmetrically; placing a number of furniture pieces, opposite the larger one, which should roughly balance the visual weight.

Next, when selecting your furniture, try to keep in mind this word; “flexibility”. This is essential to save space by meaning you don’t need three separate items to do three separate jobs. Take, for example, this simple but effective little table; which could start life simply as a side table for a coffee next to you chair; it can instantly become a dining table for one, and when it has been put back; the empty cavity beneath can become a safe place to store something safely out the way. Also, try to aim for light coloured furniture, because this helps create the illusion of more space.

Now think vertically. When your horizontal space has been used up, it is quite easy to believe that your apartment is out of space, but you’d be wrong, because you’ve got to start thinking 3-dimensionally. Putting shelving and cupboards up on your walls; is a great way to add storage to your apartment, it also removes it from the floor, giving you more space for that all essential living furniture.

Finally, your furniture has been selected and meticulously positioned; you should consider what else you can do to help create a spacious living space. As previously mentioned; light colours help create the illusion of space, well the same goes for light and neutral colours on walls, which will add to the effect, and positioning a mirror against a natural light source will instantly make a room seem to be bigger than it really it is.

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