Interior Article Living in European Style Home

Living in European Style Home

Some may be inspired by the warm and inviting yet formal and elegant home of European style. As we can see on the movies, magazines or during our holiday visit, the style might bring us back to the sophisticated taste of the Old World, from the Medieval- and Renaissance- inspired castle to Alpine chalets. It’s a blend of luxurious and romantic style, floral designs, silky and soft fabrics, nature-inspired ornaments and outstanding crystal lighting fixtures. If we find a modern minimalist design is too cold and plain, then this design might give us a better solution in demonstrating our taste for our home living.

A European homes are commonly featured by brick, stone or stucco wall, or the combination of those material for the external use. In the inside, placing a floral or textured warm color of wallpaper is quite a typical, though some like to keep the wall clean and plain. However, having bricks, stones or tucco for the inside interior is also completely agreeable, is it could gives a romantic and luxurious touch in to it. Combined with a dim lighting, a brick or stone wall color would bring a warm feeling and coziness into our living room. Perfect place to unwind after a long tiresome day.

A material choice for the floor, as well as the ceiling, also stands in variety. We might notice wooden floor as the common choice, as it gives credit to the warmness of nature based inspiration. However, placing tiles with warm colors is also in the options, where we can lay a nice floral rug on it. Some who have preference to keep the rug off the tiles to keep the floor cool, might consider to place a floral motif tiles instead. A stone floor is also an exotic and luxurious choice. We can even laying it down by yourself and create some unique patterns as we like it. These options are also applied on our decision for the ceiling choice. As we may still find in the cathedral ceiling nowadays, a little work on the upper interior surface might give a surprising effect on our home living.

It’s very typical that a European home style is full of furnitures and collections, quite the opposite of what we see in a minimalist home. Instead of keeping away the furnitures that don’t really have functions in the house, a European home tends to display everything in an eccentric arrangement. Pictures and ornaments are also arranged all over the wall, on the fireplace area and the window shelf. It’s even not possible to see them in the weirdest place to display our collection, a toilet room.

As we may have noticed, a European home puts more efforts into the ornament details. A palladian windows with treatments, wrought iron fence, and unique bedhead design are very common to spot. Exotic and rare collections are also to be displayed in shelf cupboard which conveys our class through our sophisticated taste.

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