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Georgian Country Kitchen

As we are living in a modern era where minimalism rules almost anything from street fashion to home furniture; it is not a surprise that rare historic objects can capture our hearts the most. Having to rule for more than a century, Georgian embrace seems to go on influencing architecture and interior design in our world today.

Georgian country style has become one of the most popular interior decor in housing industry. And kitchen as the family hub, is one of the ideal spaces to enhance with a touch of the past. Georgian country furniture is characterized by its extensive woodworks, thick sturdy dimensions and details on the furniture cutting. So, before you combine your simple wooden dining table with Queen Anne’s ornamented cabinet; here’s what you need to know!

Reproducing the classical feature of Georgian in your kitchen

The decorative attributes from Georgian era can be characterized by its texture, weave, and pattern.  Typically, geometric repeat patterns like stripes and squares on fabrics, had emblazoned the castle starting from their window curtains to the armchair cushion upholstery.

During Georgian era, a kitchen was out of sight and the royals were rarely seen stepping their foot in it. The huge space was filled with kitchen stuffs, dinner sets, stoves, cabinets and dressers. To bring the Georgian style to a country home; such gleam of antiquities can add a nice setting that take you back to medieval era. Even when the furniture has glossy furnished, the formal look on the chandelier and carved chairs should not be left behind.

Architectural details

Interior Article – Georgian Country KitchenAs a venue where casual family dinner takes place, the kitchen layout can be panelled with wooden materials for cabinets and table. To set a country kitchen style, wood flooring or patterned tiles can be a great choice. While you have the Georgian style on the curtains, you can either leave the flooring with tiles alone or cover it with rugs.

This wooden dresser becomes an antique set as the vintage teapots and plates become, not only for regular use, but also decorative objects. Other objects to look for are the porcelain and bronze accessories.

To achieve the Georgian country kitchen style, you can choose wood materials like walnut or maple. These are high end material often used for crafting armchairs and cabinets. The details of Gregorian on the interior furniture come from ornate carved chairs with rounded claw foot, and perfectly trimmed large table with rectangular shape.

The Georgian shades

Georgian colors were developing from time to time. The earliest trace of colors included burgundy, bluish grey and sage green. And after a few period of times, the shades shift to lighter and brighter colors such as dusky violet, soft pink, subtle grey, creamy brown and pale blue. Adding Georgian style in your country kitchen can be achieved by applying these heritage colors. The combination of these shades in your furniture and décor make a kitchen looks traditional, spacious and airy.

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