LIVAZA Interior Article - Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

Indonesia is well known for its richness of cultural arts since the country is built by hundreds of ethnic groups with different languages, dialects and cultural ceremonies. They are not only shown through their behavior in fashion and dance, but also seen through the way they do their home livings. If we have a chance to travel from west to east across the country, we will be amazed to see the variety of those traditional houses which represent each ethnical culture. However, with the change of people’s life style which requires more simplicity and practicality, it’s getting less and less traditional houses remaining nowadays.

LIVAZA Interior Article - Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

Indonesian traditional home style with large porch

As we know that people in the past tended to build their houses from the natural resources which was quite easy to find such as wood, bamboo, plants and soil. Those houses typically have large porch and sharp inclined roofs to let the tropical heavy rain to sheet off. For interior part, a traditional house consists of two large room which is one for accepting guests and one for the family. The family room is generally large in order to hold all the family activities, and often without any partitions. Partition only applies on rooms for private purpose like bedroom and bathroom. Despite their simple floor plan, traditional houses put more effort on decorations with sophisticated and complicated ornament design. Some even arrange the decoration so thoroughly that every corner of the house conveys its unique meaning based on each cultural history.

LIVAZA Interior Article - Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

Wood carving for interior decoration

Due to the change of people lifestyle these days, houses are built differently which is quite the opposite of the traditional homes. Apart from its simplicity and minimalist or contemporary look, modern houses use partitions, physically or symbolic, which tells specific function of each room. Some believe that the new modern home style is referring to western home designs.

LIVAZA Interior Article - Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

Traditional ornament in modern home style

Even though it’s hard to say which one is better over the other, each style possesses its beauty in its own way. Therefore the decision should be depending on each personal taste. However, it’s always possible to put the traditional and modern style into one design. A minimalist design with traditional touch for the decoration can surprisingly take our breath away.

LIVAZA Interior Article - Indonesian Modern and Traditional Style

contemporary interior in traditional home style

As we learn that modern home style tends to focus on its simplicity and clearness, over decorating it with too many ornaments might not do any favor since it would just make our interior look all over the places. The best way to shout out the ornaments beauty is by placing it on the vocal point of the room, for example putting a group of shadow puppets on the main wall in the living room or using Indonesian batik pattern for the decoration. On the other hand, for those who plan to use wood with ethnical carving on the wall might consider to place simple furniture and keep the clearness of the interior look which create the bridge between the traditional and modern touch.

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