LIVAZA Furniture Article - How to Maximize Your Storage

How to Maximize Your Storage

In the modern world, as urban sprawl oozes out across the countryside, one thing becomes abundantly clear; we live in a small planet with finite space and that space is quickly running out. The same story can often be true of the modern day household. As we spread out, we spread up and the sizes of our houses, or increasingly common; apartments become smaller and smaller.

To have a clean and efficient home, finding a place of life’s acquired gifts becomes a necessity, so good and intuitive storage solutions are essential. First of all; the secret to good storage is a great clear out. Got through all of your storage areas, look at each individual item and ask yourself; do I really need this? This is especially important in the clothing department, one good tip for this; is to, every couple of months; rearrange all of your clothing so the clothes hangers are aligned in the same direction. Once you have used a piece, washed it and replaced it in the closet; simply do so by putting the clothes hanger in the opposite direction. After two or three months, it is easy to identify the clothes you no longer wear, which can be removed; freeing up much needed space.

Next, you should buy your furniture smartly. When looking for new storage furniture, think about dead space and viable space. Dead space for example is the space underneath your hanging clothes in a wardrobe. There is often a large area at the bottom which, while it can store a fair amount of items, it is a dead space, because it lacks the clever addition of shelving, boxes or even a shoe rack to really maximise the space available. So buying a well-designed closet with this kind of feature could really be a god send.

This can also be applied to things like tables or your TV stand, which nowadays, more often than not, will come with a secondary surface underneath to store things like placemats, candles or even the occasional book. If you buy most of your furniture with storage, at least partially in mind, you will find the new areas will begin to add up, because you are maximising your viable space.

Also, when all seems lost and your space seems gone, take some inspiration from the modern day city; spread 3 dimensionally and not just 2. There seems to be a common misconception that wall cupboards are only meant for the kitchen, but in a modern world, this simply cannot be the case. It does not necessarily have to be cupboards, shelving is an extremely effective way of increasing storage and nothing says sophistication like a way maintained book shelf; let’s be honest.

Finally, maximising storage can also be minimising space used, with ways to minimise the space used by products which take inspiration from the past; but with a modern twist, something which is exemplified in these magnificent stacking tables.

So don’t dismay over your storage dilemma; part with the items you do not need and shop smart for furniture with intelligent design to maximise every square inch available to you.

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