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How to Design a Shabby Chic Style Home?

Shabby chic interior design is characterized by its aged-appearance furniture. It has a quite soft style with a touch of feminine and antiquity. So, how do you style a shabby chic interior? Here are some of the galleries to show you different rooms decorated with shabby chic design. Hope you get something interesting!

1. As white as you like



White scheme represents classic shabby chic so well. The faded paints on the wooden panels and the sheer shades add a relaxing and casual ambience. This interior is effortlessly pretty with simple home décor and monotone color.

2. A pop of pastel

How to design a shabby chic style home?


Shabby chic look is all about the soft and subtle colors. If you can’t think of a perfect palette, always go with pastel to create a fail proof shabby chic design on your interiors. Pastel colors always complement each other naturally that any shades you mix would definitely blend in. Lemon chiffon, sea green, sky blue, pale pink or creamy brown – Shabby Chic has a good range of vintage faded color palette to choose from. For your cabinets or tea sets- you can stress the colors to your china ware or the decorative porcelains to add that feminine and relaxing feelinging.

3. Let’s get worn out



While many stores charge you with expensive price for a vintage shabby item, why not reproduce it by yourself? You can never go wrong with plain aged wooden chair or natural-colored dresser – something that appears faded is a perfect canvas to start a shabby style. If repainting the old furniture seems redundant for you; why not leave it all the way it is? Washed-out-colored furniture is the perfect item to create shabby chic look. It is a painless way to add that antique touch. While you keep the items raw – make sure that your pillows aren’t!

4. Make friends with the flowers



Shabby chic design comes alive when you delicate your interior with floral patterns. Flowers can add vibrant look to your home and if you don’t have real flowers, you can compliment your space with pretty floral patterns on the décor such as the curtains or upholstery. The best thing about giving a floral touch to your room is that you don’t have to mix or match it up to blend together. This living room is a great example of how you can pull off a shabby chic interior design using flower pattern sofa and framed flower images for wall décor. They may not have similar shades but they look lovely altogether!

Airy feel, vintage look, and faded colors. Combine these elements in your furniture and you’ll have yourself a delicate shabby chic home design.

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