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Colors Never Fail Us

Moving out from our parents’ big and cozy house to a small apartment can be quite a challenge, especially when we find that all the space for the whole living room, dining room and kitchen in our new apartment is nothing bigger than our parents’ kitchen. Having collected tons of books, accessories and even some furniture certainly does not help the situation. The limited space in our new home will turn into disaster if we have no clue how to organize stuffs in a smart way.

With a growing number of population followed by a growing number of house demand, houses tend to shrink in size. This also has an effect on the size of the rooms inside the house. Rooms with walls is not very handy anymore, especially the space along the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Some changes need to be done, although these might create another problem as they decrease the original function of the room by placing the furniture in one main space in the house. The house might be turned into a gigantic room with an unclear function where people start to eat on the couch instead of on the dining table, while dining table turns into food stores, etc. It might not be our original idea of having a house in the first place.

Having the rooms unwalled or unseparated does not necessarily lead to mixed function. The easy way to keep every room stick to its function is by putting a clear mark using color in decoration, such as placing different wallpaper or painting the wall with different color or textures. Not only that, picking the furniture color which is well-connected to the wall or tiles color as well as the room ambience is one of the rules to keep the identity of the room. This would give a noticeable idea how we divide the house into different rooms as the theme color set an invisible wall between rooms. For those who might have the limitation in redecorating the house due to the rental agreement, in which painting the wall or sticking the wallpaper is prohibited, placing rugs in different color on the floor while leaving the wall plain would also do the trick.

People who love a warm neutral color might consider the warmth of woody color for the living room, while an active sanguine people might enjoy the combinations of brighter color. Despite the choice of the color, which is based solely on personal taste, some basic psychological guidelines might come handy for us to decide:

Light color always creates more spacious feeling than dark color. This will be our consideration to decide which part needs to look spacious or narrower.

  • Don’t be afraid to use a sharp color against a dull color for accessories or ornaments, as the combination enhances the space clarity.
  • Best color for our kitchen are always red, yellow, green and orange; color that help increase our appetite, unless we are on a strict diet.
  • Pastel and soft color give a relaxing feeling, therefore people use this color quite often for bedroom and bathroom decoration.
  • If we happen to have a space for working area, a neutral color should be the best solution as bright color might distract our brain to focus.

It’s unmistakably exciting to redecorate our new place by picking which color for which room. We can also divide the rooms into different function while enjoying the spacious and cozy house at the same time, and admiring our own art in combining colors.

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