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Gypsy Interior, Bohemian Furnishing

Sand dunes and camels, and all kinds of pretty fabrics combined together as your interior with brass and carved furniture furnishing your room is an ideal oasis for a bohemian-at-heart in the middle of a busy Metropolitan city. Middle East countries with popular décor can be shortlisted into Egypt and Turkey with a broad spectrum of vibrant colors. If you find yourself always attracted to Middle East and its charming mysteries, you might as well have your own version of Middle East at the comfort of your home. Start off with the most realistic tweak; your home décor.

Metallic and bold. Usually, a mandatory room in Middle Eastern home would have these essentials of mood. A regular set of couches will always be there just like any other interior style of a living room. What makes the couches so Middle Eastern are the cushions choices, largely covered in gold dust of a woven thread and bold colors. Don’t forget the illusion of hanging table to be the centerpiece of the living room, a unique statement that most of Middle Eastern room would have.

A modern Middle Eastern home had gotten influenced a bit by European interior, without really losing its Bohemian, Gypsy game. For a furniture set, a seemingly normal dining table will only need a number of accessories to make it more Middle Eastern home décor-y. Think of sconces, dipped in gold with detailed carvings all around it would make an instant feel of Middle Eastern family eating spot. For a master lamp, never astray from the minimalist style hanging lamp, with a beautiful cage in Middle Eastern specific carvings, the one that has Arabic patterns.

Lighting is also essential in a Middle Eastern home décor. When it comes to your bedroom, earthy color is the best bet. Pay attention to the choice of your bed’s headboard when you visit the furniture store. It must have the signature Middle Eastern wood carving, just to turn up the Middle Eastern pattern a notch. The rest is just about proper adjustment offurniture choices. Metallic feel in the bed sheet, bedside table with touch of carvings as well as the bedside should be enough.

Move outside, a green garden and an idea of bohemian get together is a perfect match. Start visualizing your own Middle Eastern festive corner with an Arabic tent remake. Hang a stained-glass lantern and organize a cushion pool of many colors, and you get your ethnic corner ready to invite people for a casual, Middle-Eastern theme cocktail party.

Talking about Moroccan inspired interior in the previous post, there’s no fundamental difference between the mood of the interior and the style of the furniture. You can even easily get lost inside a furniture store trying to diversify Moroccan style and Middle Eastern style. Rely on elegance, because somehow, Middle Eastern has a less-festive feel to it with more hued vibrancy and some jewels touch. The use of neutral colored fabric mixed with metallic pieces is not a surprise in a Middle Eastern home décor to balance the fully-carved furniture in the house.

The thing you should always be able to find in Middle Eastern interior is the transition from room to room, in which the wall would have a specific shape like you’re entering a sacred temple. Other times, it looks straightly like an entrance of a mosque, which is really the soul and base of Middle Eastern architecture. Shop your furniture and interior decorative pieces correctly and does just to your take on Middle Eastern home.

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