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Glamor Bedroom

Have you ever stepped into a 5-star hotel room and suddenly feel that lux ambience? Why not invite the similar atmosphere to your bedroom and make it the place you’d love to wake up in!

Bedroom is probably the closest interior space in every heart. As we spend most of our restful nights in the sleep cave, a glamorous décor will liven up your bedroom and adds a majestic feel that could be inviting, yet, inspiring to your daily life.

Say goodbye to your boring bedroom and follow these steps to create a luxury-sleep feel in your sanctuary!

King size bed

To start a glam home décor for your bedroom, you can’t really leave the bed behind. Glamorous is about majestic. And what could be more majestic than having a king sized bed? A huge bed is a statement to your sleep space indeed! King sized bed can create an incredibly inviting mood for your tired eyes. Pick brass or wooden frame as it adds a dramatic look that also becomes a focal point in the interior space.

Dramatic monochrome

Whether it is silver, gold or creamy colored scheme; a monochrome shade creates a stylish look and a sense of luxury. The soft shades of grey on your furniture sets or the white beddings and cushions can be an appealing feature for a luxurious bedroom. The key is to minimize the color schemes to opt for a sleek style.

Elegant materials

Silks are that typically opulent fabric that is not only soft to the touch but creates a calm tone as well. Another way to opt for a serene bedroom feel is to add embroidered bed linen. The textures of decorated pillows combined with the silken beddings can add that touch of relaxation with their bold details.

Play with lights

It’s time to ditch out your conventional lamp and go for gorgeous lighting fixtures in your bedroom! When it comes to mood-creation; lighting is everything. A warm and inviting bedroom that has the luxury feel may go bold or soft depending on the lightings you install. An unusual light such as chandelier or a stylish wall lamp is a great alternative to replace your boring desk lamps. Chandelier has a stunning essence to add in any interior including your bedroom.

Sophisticated accessories

When choosing accessories for a glamor bedroom, you need to tone down any color schemes and keep it to a minimum level. A classic feel for your private space can be obtained with sleek décor such as stylish mirror, silver plated trays, or go with scented candles and freshly cut flowers in white – these can also accessorize your bedroom and create a sense of luxury while reflecting a calming ambience.

How do you create a glamor bedroom with your furniture? Tell us what you think!

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