LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material

Fabric Material

Fabric is a common material applied in interior design as we often use it for curtain, bedding, sofa, cushions, carpet, etc.  Once all the main work is done, which is choosing colors for the wall and floor, or placing the main furnitures at the desired spots, deciding on which fabric material to use will be the next step to give the finishing touch. For those who are planning to do a quick and cheap home interior make over, just by changing the old fabric material into new color and theme can give a big difference as a result.

There are several fabric materials we can use for our interior decoration :


Denim gives a casual look but it can be durable. Though it’s well known as a blue color, it can always be dyed to many colors including black and red.


LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material
Linen is a natural fiber fabric that works best on interior items that typically do not move as part of their function as it wrinkles easily.

Nylon / Polyester

LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material
Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fabric that have high durability and weather resistance which sometimes are often used for outdoor apparel or gear. They can emulate the look of natural fibers depending on how they are woven. Sheer fabrics can also be created from these materials, which is excellent for draperies.


LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material
As we heard the term “smooth as velvet.”, this fabric is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel. Therefore velvets give more formal and luxurious appearance, yet are durable in their elegance.


LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material
Silk has an incredible soft lustre on the surface, but is very fragile. It is best used on pillows, shams or draperies. Some often use it for a window coverings though it is quite sensitive to the sun exposure.


LIVAZA Interior Article - Fabric Material
Acrylic is a fabric that is made from acrylic fiber which gives a soft surface feeling and wool-like texture while remaining light. It’s resistant to sunlight, does not shrink and retains color, making it a perfect choice for home decorating which are often used for upholstery, bedding, slipcovers and decorative pillows.

The challenging part of deciding which fabric to choose is how to mix and match the colors and texture to create a fascinating look for our interior design. Despite the fact that the theme and color preference are depending on each taste, there are few basic rules that needs to consider :

Start with neutral base. This especially applies on the largest furniture such as sofa and bed. Textured base is possible as long as it stays in neutral colors such as white, beige, grey even black.

Bold colors create a dramatic effect. This colors can be used for decorative pillows or draperies, or other interior items to shout out its existence.

Remember the magic of three. We will be surprised how the three different patterns can do an awesome on our home decor. First pick your largest and strongest fabric pattern, which can be geometric, large scale ikat, wide stripe, etc. Then choose the second different pattern which is less dominating and a half size from the first one. The third fabric can be very different, something like floral, animals or even solid.

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