A studio apartment is a compact living that contains only one main room and sometimes, requires efficiency when decorating its interior. Typically, it is a less expensive housing – which makes it a desirable property to own in urban cities. When everything from kitchen to bedroom has to be in a single space; the challenge is how you make it appear larger but still look elegant.

Decorating an elegant studio apartment requires no magic, rather, simple tricks that could zap your space into a charming home.

Into the woods

Natural beauty amplifies a soothing atmosphere. As a basic material, wood is easy to obtain and it’s a versatile element for endless approaches in decorating your studio apartment. Modern-designed homes utilize woods for floorings and wall panels as it embraces the natural essence and warmth. Custom shaping woods with beautiful finish delivers an image of elegance and natural-looking home.

The furniture arrangement

For a studio apartment, it takes double considerations when arranging the furniture. The dresser, the coffee table and the bed should be placed properly so that the home won’t appear cramped or cluttered. You may not want to use room dividers as it will create smaller areas. Instead of applying random arrangement, you can group your furniture based on its purpose. For instance, placing the wardrobe in your bedroom area and using TV table as the space divider.

A space for anything

This glass partition separates tiny dining table with another room. Tuck a small square table and a chair and have an elegant breakfast right at home!

Your studio apartment does not have to be all plain. You can boost a splash of color for your home décor. Like this small work space that looks nothing like a cramped cubicle at all!

The smart visual dividers

Be it vintage or contemporary layout, you need to provide a breathing space to your apartment with a well edited space. Instead of using a solid partition to separate your bedroom from the kitchen, this apartment uses see-through curtain fabric. It makes a graceful appearance while keeping the dust off your bedroom.

This custom wooden panel is slide-able divider that adds a gap between your bed and the living room.

Multi-function furniture

When a space is just small square footage in size, a huge amount of creativity is needed to arrange your room. This adorable studio apartment uses foldable single chairs as an occasional coffee table to welcome the guests. It serves both, practically and functionally. Be sure to pick a matching color palette when opting for elegant interior.