Interior Article Dining Room Ideas: What to Do

Dining Room Ideas: What to Do

Let’s be honest; in the modern day world, both the need of a dining room and indeed the having of a dining room are fast diminishing. The times are gone when the dining room was a place of family catch ups, dining conversation and the place to have fun with friends.

However, for those lucky enough to have these rarity of rooms; creating a sleek and elegant place to sit, could give you the encouragement to use it on more of a regular basis, giving life to what could be a forgotten room.

Firstly, choose the correct table. If it was good enough for good King Arthur, then surely it could be good enough for you; a round table. Round tables are uncommon, but the use of them is both logical in terms of numbers seated and infinitely more sociable as it allows all people to see each other without someone in the way.

Next you should pick a style and stick with it. Like all of the other rooms in your house, it is essential to have a clear plan style wise for your room, then ensure that you buy the correct furniture to complete it. Some examples would include the timeless classic country style, which embodies the idea of less is more. Stripped back bare wood giving a homey appeal, combined with soft pastel colours to give a simplistic but inviting look.

Another stylistic example for your dining room is one that is currently trending in the restaurant and café scene; casual seating around a table. While it may seem like you’re essentially recreating your living room, there is something special about a place which has two sofas facing one another around a large but low table. It instantly brings conversation to the table as TV has been removed as a distraction, and the more comfortable seating ensures that it will continue for a longer time.

Finally, if you’re really lucky and live in a suitable climate, consider taking your dining room outdoors and into the garden. A simple parasol over your table will ensure you’re protected from the elements, be it rain or sun. The garden is a calming and relaxing setting, and potentially a treat for all the senses. It is hard to imagine anything better on a warm day than sitting out with a cold margarita and BBQ.

Now, once you’ve chosen your dining room layout and table, your lighting is something which is quite easily forgotten about and easily left to the last part of the budget, but spending a little bit more on it can finish off your room properly. A dining room requires a different type of lighting to the rest of the house. Something lower to the room is essential, about 30 inches off the table surface should do it, this allows for less shadows and more even light distribution.

Also shop to suit your table; a chandelier for a round table and a linear one for straight and narrow, you need to ensure proper lighting for all of your table. Finally, seriously consider a dimmer switch. This something often looked over, but there is a difference between a family meal and a romantic one for two, buy the correct lighting to complete the scene.

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