Livaza Interior Article - Mediterranean Style Interior

Decorate Your Home in Mediterranean Style

When you hear the word “Mediterranean” you might begin to remember about Mediterranean cuisine and also delicious red wines. You may also think about white washed building atop steps cliffs by the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean culture impact the world in the form of food, music and also home decoration. Whether you’re tired of your old furnitureand style or you’re moving into a new house, decorating your home to become Mediterranean style is possible. Here are several steps to change your home decoration into Mediterranean House decoration.

The first step is make big changes into your home. You can start by painting your wall into bright warm colors like yellow, orange, beige, terracotta and other earth tones. Don’t be afraid to try several color combination throughout your home, however make sure to use two or three earth tones. For flooring, I recommend you to get terracotta flooring that will be able to bring your whole home mentally into the most beautiful vacation spots in the world, Mediterranean Sea.

Then, you can add new furniture that has distressed wood finishes and simple patterns. Since Mediterranean people are especially mindful of their outdoor spaces, plus comfortable pillows and plenty of outdoor seating are important for your Mediterranean style home. You can add Blue and gold accents to set the Mediterranean style off your home. Try using decorative storage such as ottomans that store things in their hollow centers, entertainment centers with doors, and also large bookshelves.

The next step is adding decorative details for your home to complete Mediterranean looks. You can fill the walls with artwork, prints and popular stucco walls. Make sure to choose the selection of artwork and prints in complementary colors and themes; think about sea, aquatic, and also classic roman paintings. Try to have at least a few large pieces and a few small pieces of art such as Native pottery and aquatic pieces.

You may also use creative lighting to provide interest and personality for each art and decoration on your home. Make sure to look for creative lighting that matches the general style of your room but not too bold. The creative lighting should be small and add light to your style.

Hang up some Mediterranean curtains to alter natural light into your rooms. There are several styles and types of Mediterranean curtains you can choose, however make sure to pay attention to rods, finials, and rings to complete the Mediterranean looks of your curtains. Mediterranean style curtains generally longer and will cover your windows; however you can experiment with the length and the width of the curtain according to your personality. To create bigger space on your room, I recommend you to add light colored and textured curtains.

The Mediterranean style won’t be complete without rugs. Matching rugs will be able to cover up unattractive or dirty flooring and also add interest and pattern to your floor. Find rugs in colors and pattern that will matches your décor or to provide accent into your interior design. Don’t be afraid to get several area rugs at once, because you can place them in nearly every room.


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