LIVAZA Interior Article - Choosing The Right Color for Your Bedroom

Choosing The Right Color for Your Bedroom

Sherlock Holmes was a great detective, famous for being able to tell a lot about the person he was talking to, simply by being receptive and using all of his senses to give him clues about the person. In the Modern day, most people haven’t honed their skills in such a manner to be able to read so much about a person, however many would agree that you can tell a great deal about a person by looking at their home.

Quite probably, the most signifying room of your house, is the often secretive and private bedroom. A room which is more than likely reserved only for the few private eyes. Everything in your bedroom, from the furniture and layout, right down to the very colour of the walls can tell a great deal about both your personality and your stage of life.

When choosing the colour of your room, it is essential to consider your personality and your current state of life. For example, a young passionate newly married couple might have other ideas for their bedroom’s primary use than a long term married couple with three children.

Let’s begin with the most dangerous of colours; red. A colour so often associated with passion, danger and adventure; this is the colour of a real extrovert both in the bedroom and out. It’s not always a great idea to paint the whole room red, but instead use it as a feature wall to shock and set the mood as you walk in.

If you’re a fan of sleep then choosing a deep and warm tone of blue is proven to set the scene better for a good night sleep than any other. The colour is commonly associated with warmth and intellect, which makes sense because the most intelligent people ensure they get the most sleep possible.

Now let’s touch on a slightly morbid subject and consider the technically non-colour of black. A sure sign of eccentricity, this colour is best used in combination in overly sweet and bright colours. If you like your pink furniture, but don’t want to seem like a teenage girl, then a usually morbid black would be the perfect balance to temper all that sweet pink.

But what if you are that newly married couple full of lust and passion? You may be surprised to hear that red is not in actual fact the best colour to inspire the kind of passion that’ll leave you weak in the knees; it is in fact caramel. So if you’re newly married or looking to reignite the flame, break out your paint cans and get your room revamped in 50 shades of caramel.

Finally, when the time comes to move out and find that new home to house the new mouths to feed, you should rethink your colour scheme again. Remember that your colour preferences, just like your personality, are likely to be highly unique. Just because you like it, it doesn’t mean other people will. So if you need to sell your home on the fly deck, it out in a nice neutral colour scheme like white or off cream. This is the way you present a blank canvass for the new inhabitants to make their own perfect sleeping space.

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