LIVAZA Interior Article - Candles to Improve Room Lighting

Candles to Improve Room Lighting

It is true you can add many things to your interior space as decoration. Placing candles to enhance a living room is so popular these days- not only that candles provide realistic lightings; but they also bring serenity to a room. Regardless of their various types, you can improve your room lighting impressively just with these effortless steps.

Ways to optimize candles for lighting

The glass containers

LIVAZA Interior Article - Candles to Improve Room Lighting


Candles illuminate better lighting when they are put inside glasses. The reflection from glass enclosure allows the lights to be evenly distributed. So, the next time you want to place your candles, look for glass candleholders.

The proper placements

LIVAZA Interior Article - Candles to Improve Room Lighting


Your candles create better reflections when they are placed next to bright-color walls. Place your candle on a higher surface of a room and see how the lights are properly distributed around because of the reflection from wall sides and ceiling.

If you have only plain-white candles and you want them to show off; place them inside a glass box and put it on top of your coffee table at night. The dim light creates a cozy ambience that’s warm and inviting.

You can add a taste in your dining room by hanging the candles above of the table to create chandelier style lighting. These candles are not the main source of light but that serene feel that comes from the lovely chandelier lighting creates an inviting mood to dine!

A splash of color

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Light-colored candles distribute lights better than the dark ones. Dark colors absorb lights and we believe that’s  not the purpose of  placing candles in a room. Regardless the psychology effect, this just means a good conclusion to purchase colourful candles that will brightly illuminate your room.

Candle arrangement

LIVAZA Interior Article - Candles to Improve Room Lighting


Apart from where you put the candles, the candle arrangement is a vital thing to learn. A cluster of candles are not only adding warmth to your bedroom but also creating a nice home décor. Gather around the different sizes of candles and let that homey feel invades in the room!

Take care of the candles

Whether it is tea light or votive candles, to maximize your candles performance, you need to take good care of them.

Here are some of the useful tips to do candles maintenance!

  • Trim the excess burnt tip of the candle’s wick
  • Always place candles on heat-resistant surface
  • Clean the candleholder if you use any

Candles are incredible décor for any occasion and that decorative attribute can add a certain aura in your house. Choose scented candles to create a pleasing aroma into your whole room; and with the subtle lights, candles make an interior, a charming place!

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