LIVAZA Interior Article - Cafe and Restaurant Evolution

Cafe and Restaurant Evolution

With the increase of dynamic life and work demand, it’s getting harder for people to be home on time and prepare their own food everyday. The growing need to eat out follows this condition, hence, people go to have their meal in a restaurant more and more. It’s undeniable that the food quality is still the most consideration on which restaurant people tend to choose. However, after having a tiresome and hectic day, a cozy and relaxing cafe might be their next preference. Though there are differences in basic functions between cafe and restaurant, it is always possible to bring them together in one place so called cafe restaurant where people can get a good dining service with some nice beverage afterward while cooling down from the long day.

Designing a cafe restaurant is basically an extended idea of designing our own dining room with a bigger capacity to hold more people. Therefore it’s always a good idea to create a homey atmosphere by displaying a home furniture and ornaments for decoration. The closer the cafe restaurant decoration to the typical home dining room or kitchen, the cozier and more relaxing vibe it makes.

Inspite of the fact that our choice of furniture and ornaments is always depending on the theme of the food origin, the color choice accidentally affects people’s moods during the meal time. Green, yellow, orange and red are always good choices to raise their appetite, which is a brilliant idea to play those colors in our interior plan. Using silver element in the decoration is also known as a symbol of meal time which unconsciously relates to the hunger feeling.

Lighting is also the important component for a cafe restaurant interior design. A low light makes people enjoy and linger in their food longer while bright light brings people eat more and faster. The decision always goes back to the main idea of our goal in building the cafe restaurant, whether we want to have a fast customers movement or slow and relaxing activity during meal.

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