Bathroom Design for Your Personality

Bathroom Design for Your Personality

Bathroom is one of the spaces at home that most people rarely give attention to. Just because it’s a ‘clean’ room; that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to it. It’s where grooming activities take place every single day and after the hectic day at work; bathroom can actually be the sanctuary to relax and relieve stress! This is why; you should design a bathroom that reflects your personality. You don’t have to be a certified interior designer to add a personal preference in your bathroom. Whether it’s in the decor or the furniture; here are some fail-proof tips to revamp your bathroom according to your personality!

1. See your true color

Forget about painting your bathroom with your favorite color. Create an attractive design interior with your favorite bathroom accessories. Nowadays, toilet accessories are also available in a set of theme. From toilet paper holder to towel racks; you can buy everything you need based on your favorite color schemes. Moreover, decorating a room with your own colors can help you feel more comfortable with the surroundings.

2. Arrange your bathroom like you would arrange your bedroom

It’s necessary to put extra effort to design your bathroom just like you would do to your bedroom. You can have the craziest idea for your bathroom interior design by incorporating wallpaper; ceiling lamps; funky hangers or other stuffs that can represent your personality. Never limit yourself to the possibilities. You can have fun with the hardware and unexpected furnish like stripey curtains, clawfoot tub or chic chair. Be sure to stick with a theme so the furniture won’t clash.

3. Don’t look for what’s terrific in magazine

The most common mistake when designing a room is copying what’s in the magazine rather than being ‘just inspired’ by it. The setting looks beautiful in the magz because they direct the light and gather home décor experts to work on the details. With your own bathroom; it should be something you love; something you enjoy; and something that is appealing to you – and it doesn’t necessarily need extensive decoration either.

4. The right lighting

Sometimes the arrangement is already a masterpiece but somehow your bathroom still looks dull. Perhaps it’s time to install a proper lighting. During the day, sun light adds warmth to any bathroom interior design and creates an inviting ambience. If there is no window in your bathroom, you can opt for lighting styles and hues that illuminate the entire room according to your wish. A chandelier will add a focal point to your bathroom interior if the ceiling is high whereas track lighting can manipulate a room to make it look wider.

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