LIVAZA Interior Article - Baby Room Decoration

Baby Room Decoration

After finding out that we’re expecting and past the pregnancy sickness period, working on the nursery room would be the next thing to do in our agenda. The very first thing that might come up in our head is whether we’re having a baby boy or baby girl as the gender can define the choices we might want to pick. Despite the common social label on colors and themes for boys and girls, there is actually no real rule about it. We can always play with any color or any theme as we wish, especially if the baby’s gender is being kept as a surprise until the delivery time. So, what do we need to prepare for our future baby’s room?

Deciding the theme

LIVAZA Interior Article - Baby Room Decoration

It could be hard to decide what theme we want to choose, as the pregnancy progresses, we might turn into an impulsive buyer when we see all the cute baby thingies in the stores. However picking one theme is advisable to avoid spending too much on unnecessary room decoration items. Besides, by not placing multiple themes will steer clear the crowdedness look in the room. Some popular themes are animals, plants, or cartoon characters in the movie.

Keep it simple

LIVAZA Interior Article - Baby Room Decoration

With all the tempting furniture and accessories available in the stores, it’s always easy to over-decorate. Just keep it simple and stick to the piece of furniture in the room as a focal point, such as the baby box or an artwork. The nursery room should be child-friendly, not childish. Neutral color is always a good idea for a basic choice, before we add it up with more colors and ornaments.

Pick a soft color

LIVAZA Interior Article - Baby Room Decoration

Blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. That’s what nowadays is being provided in the market. However, we can always pick our own color for now until the baby is big enough to tell us what color he or she wants later on. It is known that soft colors give relaxing effect which gives benefit to both mom and baby during the nursery activity. Therefore nice pastel colors are becoming the top list of the color choices for the baby’s bedroom.

Use adaptable decoration

LIVAZA Interior Article - Baby Room Decoration

We should consider how long the nursery will last the baby as we might need to change the wallpaper, rugs, and ornaments as our baby gets older and picks his or her own preference. A wall flower sticker might be handy as we can always switch it with different stickers or ornaments instead of placing a flowery wallpaper that might take more effort to remove and replace it with a new one.

No matter how excited we are in decorating the room for our bundle of joy, keep in mind that the nursery room is still part of the house. Therefore it should be still in line with our basic home style which reflects our true taste in interior design. Otherwise we would only throw the room out of the place and get bored of the decoration.

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