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All About That Pillow

Looking for ideas for your room to stop it from being so boring? You can always repaint your wall or change the wallpapers but it takes a lot of time and effort. One effortless way to brighten up your room is colourful cushion. Adding some vibrant throw pillows can transform an entire room’s decor and deliver a bold colour statement.

However, to avoid clashing colours, take a look at these colour options below to bring a pop of joy into your beautiful home.

1. The natural palette

The natural colours cushions come with a shade of lime green, yellow or brown can brighten up your neutral coloured couch with an earthy – but lively – colour palette.

2. All eyes on gold

Unexpected colours like gold can bring a decorative touch to any rooms. Either being plain or decorative, the colour gold promises luxury, sophisticated and clean look to any space.

3. Rainbow tones

Plain white linens on your couch or bed can be playful when you add colourful cushions. Spare your money and pack your couch with an array of vibrant decorative pillows for some colour explosion.

4. Turquoise

They say turquoise is the “hits” colour for fashion today. Worry not, turquoise is not just perfect to fill your wardrobe but also your living room. For a country-home style furniture in warmth shades like crème, light brown or pastel, adding some turquoise pillows can bring some joy to the room. The colour is eye-popping and noticeable, reminds you of your cheerful friends.

5. Classic Red

Whether it is a modern-styled or vintage-inspired bedroom you can never go wrong with this sexy colour. The bright, bold red pillow against your plain linen couch and chair effortlessly brings a splash of colour to your room.

6. Orange is the New Black

Yes the TV says it right. Orange is vibrant, fresh and optimistic. For the adventurous soul, lighten up your room with some orange pillows against your dark couch.

7. Mellow Yellow

Some people think yellow can be too bright, but think about a darker shade of yellow like mustard yellow. Mustard will actually takes up your natural toned living room with an earthy accent. For a bolder, cheerful move use, bright yellow accent pillows will pop against your pale furniture.

So, have you decided on your colour yet? Now if you have, there is no rule to stick into one single colour palette. Pillows in dark green and classic red can be put together as the perfect Christmas couple. Solid coloured pillow can also be mixed with patterns cushion that feature that colour. Another tip is to use white linen, either on your bedroom or your sofa as a blank canvas to allow you to bring the colour you like together.

Colourful are great and cheerful. Coloured pattern pillow, however, are bold yet beautiful. Combined geometric patterns such as chevron and lattice, with feminine patterns like damask or flowery to create a balanced and exquisite look into your room.

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