LIVAZA Interior Article - A Small Space Living Ideas

A Small Space Living Ideas

Moving closer to our work place is pretty common nowadays due to the work demand and to save our time and energy from the back and forth trip. However, the problem that might follow is finding a home as we are used to have due to the lack of space available in the dense city. A studio apartment and condominium have been introduced as one of the answers to this situation, which presents one room that holds the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bedroom all together without divisions. A good design could create a cozy and comfortable home to relax after a long day. On the other hand, a lack of design plan may lead to disastrous home from its messiness and crowdedness.

We’ve known about a rule to make a room look spacious is by applying light color to dominate the interior design. Beside picking the right colors for the wall and furniture, our choice on the window cover also plays an important role here. Try to avoid a thick and dark curtain as it blocks the light to come in to the room. A window blind or draperies might do the trick, or just a simple valance if you like to look bare.

Using mirrors and glass also gives larger and brighter impact to the room. As you might have seen in some dancing studio room where a big mirror is placed, it makes you feel that the room is twice larger than the real size. You could apply this into your studio rooms with different size or shapes of mirrors based on your taste preference. Picking some furniture made of glass is also a smart choice since the see-through furniture glass would not cut the sight of the space behind it. In addition, mirror and glass also help reflect the light as they bounce and spread the light to the room.

LIVAZA Interior Article - A Small Space Living Ideas

Placing mirror to give larger-space effect

Despite the fact that the light colors could enhance the spacious effect, some of you might prefer the warmness of the dark-colored and dimlight effect. In order to keep the warmness and coziness yet spacious feeling, using one theme design for the whole room should do the favor. Keep it simple with only involving one color group while avoiding a heavy decoration.

LIVAZA Interior Article - A Small Space Living Ideas

Using one group of colors for a warm-dark color for studio interior design.

Most studio designs don’t use partition which separate one room to another, in order to avoid the crowdedness. However, if you want to have some privacy for your bedroom, using a glass separator with a draw curtain on could answer your need. A plain draw curtain without a glass partition is also possible. The curtain later can be tied aside once you don’t use the bedroom and the room will look whole again.

LIVAZA Interior Article - A Small Space Living Ideas

Glass partition with a draw curtain on

Picking a smart furniture based on its function is always the important step for a studio room, since too much furniture and decoration would only give an unnecessarily crowdedness. Therefore you need to plan the balance between what is functional and which is for the decoration. However,  the urges to keep buying a new cute decoration might be hard to resist. Then you might need to prepare a sufficient storing area to hold all your stuff when it’s not its turn for a display.

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