Livaza Interior Article - 8 Ideas for Easter Decoration

8 Ideas for Easter Decoration

You have done the fasting, and you have given up for lent so now it’s the time to prepare for the party! Easter marks the beginning of new season, and also the egg hunting for the kids. Easter decoration should be easier and cheaper than Christmas decoration; yet, a warm and nice decoration is always great to welcome all your friends and relatives. Now, grab your note and pen to write down some decoration tips below before you go for Easter shopping!

1. Scented candles

We love perfumed candles! These candles are easy to find and come in a wide range of size and smells. Pick candles with cotton or ocean smells to keep your guests in spring-mode that will relax your tired nerves. A nice smell would also make a nice memory of your home for the guests.

2. Easter garlands

Pretty garlands can be placed in any empty walls at home, or even at the entrance door! Better yet, you can ask your children to work together with you in making these garlands, ask them to cut out paper bunnies or paper eggs for these.

3. Fresh flowers

Flowers are always a great idea. Fresh flowers are great, not only they are beautiful to look at but also the aromas from fresh flowers are winners. Using fresh flowers as your decoration are like buying a 2-in-1 product as they are such a treat for all senses.

4. Bunny pictures/ posters

Another idea to fill up your empty wall is to print or buy cute bunny pictures, and complement the poster with bunny soft toys to complete the Easter season. These will surely please your junior visitors.

5. Easter baskets

Easter baskets filled with decorated eggs can be placed in the living room or in the center of the dining table as a great Easter accent. Paint the eggs with bright and sunny colors to create a festive atmosphere.

6. Wreaths

Wreaths are identical with Christmas but there is no rule not to place wreaths in the house for Easter. Lay some wreaths inside and outside the house, a simpler and earthy wreath using less festive flowers like succulents can be an option.

7. Easter themed decor

You can purchase a decoration accented with Easter ornaments like bunnies or eggs. Such as napkins that would have Easter eggs and the bedspreads would have wither bunnies. Egg baskets and a bunny can be placed in the kitchen bar, and use bright colors to make the whole ambience look bright.

8. Easter sweets

Sweets and candies are essential part of Easter. You can fill candies in cutely decorated baskets and lay them on the dining table, side table, etc. Sweets include candy bars, chocolate eggs, lollipops or jelly beans.

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