LIVAZA Articles - 6 Surprisingly Inspiring Container Homes

6 Surprisingly Inspiring Container Homes

You may have heard a lot about furniture recycling ideas; but how about repurposing a huge container and transform it into a home?

With its high durability, a shipping container is designed to withstand ultra-heavy loads. The structure of cargo containers allow them to be mixed, matched and even stacked; which is why, it exceeds the standard of a house construction.  The welded steel frames are made with precise measurement and it also leaves a huge space for storage. With this in mind, a shipping container becomes an ideal material to build a home. By all means, it is able to become ‘the home’.

With less budget and rapid set up, creative-minded individuals begin to repurpose shipping containers and use it as part of residential projects. These containers have been tricked out to be the most inspiring box houses you’ll ever see!

1. Compact country house

LIVAZA Articles - 6 Surprisingly Inspiring Container Homes


This compact modular house combines country and modern style. A fully furnished box that could become a workplace or your second home in the backyard – this energy-saving space uses clear glasses on the windows and doors to let the sun shines in.

2. Pop-up hotel

LIVAZA Articles - 6 Surprisingly Inspiring Container Homes


This impressively designed home is actually a pop up hotel. Sleeping Around is committed to travel the world on demand; bringing this container box along with design interior, electrical system that uses wind and solar energy.

3. Guesthouse in the garden



This cozy interior is set with a view of the garden. You can actually bring all the comfort of a living room in this guesthouse. The floor and ceiling have been enhanced with bamboo materials and the green roof is specifically designed to prevent extreme heat during the day.

4. Wooden panel kitchen


You can either use this as your permanent or temporary kitchenette. The built-in panels create a perfectly designed space to store your appliances. Although this box is packed with cabinets and shelves, it still has that airy feel with loads of sun lights that go through without obstruction.

5. Modern living room in rustic container



This house is constructed using 2 cargo containers and it creatively uses the container’s opening as the front door. On the outside, this house has an eclectic design with that dark and rustic colors but when you step inside, you will find a living room with an elegant vibe.

6. The nomad



This professionally-designed home is called The Nomad – a tiny-but-sweet living space that can fit four people in. It’s built inside a 192 sq recycled container with the interior setting consists of a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a closet.

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