LIVAZA Interior Article - 5 Tips for Creativity-Boosting Space

5 Tips for Creativity-Boosting Space

It’s true that the creative minds can unleash their wildest ideas out of a sudden when they are in their best mood. This is why they need a space to encourage the creativity as well as productivity. Revamping a space does not always require a big budget. Unless it is a Google’s office, you can make your own creative room using these 5 tricks!

Here are the 5 tips for creativity-boosting space:

1. Write your visions

What’s your wildest dream? Or, what are your goals? What about your favorite quote? You can actually paint them directly on your wall and read them every time you need a motivation. You can also print quotes and put them in frames so when you get bored, you can simply take it out and print another one. These quotable quotes are the reminders for you to stay focus on your goals. They work like a mantra!

2. Good lighting makes a good room

A naturally-lighted space allows you to have a quality working room that is bright enough and yet relaxing for the mind. Letting the daylight in, is part of the essential creativity-boosting feature in any space. Incorporate head lamp and experiment with different bulbs to enhance the room. Whether it’s a study room or a painting room, natural lighting is unbeatable when it comes to creating a warm and cozy feeling.

3. Get some inspiring props to keep all your stuffs

It can be a vintage bottle, office-supplies organizer, a rolling cart or anything that makes your work easier. Creativity can’t come if you are sitting in a chaotic room. To have a sense of spacious living, you need to organize things clearly. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in a corner or a studio – these props will help you create a neater space and find what you are looking for in no time.

4. A comfortable pillow to curl up with

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chair. It could be a couch, or something with soft surface to help you lie down for awhile. Pick item that best describes your personal taste so you won’t be forcing yourself to fit in the one-seater canteen armchair in your own room. If you are about to create a spacious room, you can place some floor cushions – yes, just leave them on the floor. These pillows can work as decorative items, too!

There are still many ways to de-clutter your space and achieve a creative atmosphere. However, not all ideas will be suitable for everyone because sometimes getting a structured space can mean a lost in the creative process of a person. Thus, it’s necessary to incorporate your own tastes and choose an alternative without taking it to the extreme way.

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